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Airsoft is a sport in which participants eliminate opponents by hitting each other with spherical non- metallic pellets (called BBs) launched via replica firearms called airsoft guns, usually referred to as R.I.Fs (Realistic Imitation Firearms, whose use is governed by Law under the V.C.R.A 2007). Since airsoft pellets (known as BBs) do not always mark their target and hits are not always visibly apparent, airsoft relies on an honour system in which it is the duty of the person who has been hit to call themselves out regardless of whether or not anyone saw it happen.

Gameplay may vary in style and composition but will often range from short-term skirmishes, organized scenarios, C.Q.B (Close Quarter Battle), field and modern military simulations (MilSim).

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About us

Based down in Cornwall where Airsoft is a relatively new and expanding sport, our business grew from a tiny little stall based in Par Market to its current size and location. Originally the dream was to sell Army Surplus with a small offering of Airsoft gear and Equipment for those that played, but in a short time we grew to incorporate both new and used Military Surplus alongside outdoor and survival equipment, children’s clothing, toys, Cadet equipment and of course, our Airsoft supplies!

Run by 3 enthusiastic Airsoft players, Lee Ann, Simon and Chris, we aim to supply people what they want, as opposed to what we think they want. Customer service is of paramount importance to us, if there’s something we don’t stock that you would like to see, then tell us and we will see what we can do!

We are proud to be able to supply all sorts of gear from big companies such as Kombat UK, ZeroOne Airsoft, Nuprol, G&G, Tokyo Marui, JG, Armex & SMK. Alongside Viper Tactical, Mil-com, Web-Tex and Jack Pyke.

Our BB’s are second to none, supplied direct to us from The Draft Club, if you have yet to try them out, we suggest you give them a go, you can read more about them here - www.thedraftclub.co.uk

Our Pyrotechnics are the real deal, supplied by Enola Gaye, these won’t let you down, strictly for use by over 18’s, whether you love a great smoke screen to shield your advance, or a few Flash Bangs to clear those rooms out you’ll have the advantage over anyone without them.

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